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Tribol Braking is a spin-out company from the University of Exeter bringing revolutionary, patented approaches to manufacturing high performance composite braking components for the automotive sector. We're research led, combining cutting edge materials and manufacturing solutions with focussed industrial engagement. Tribol Braking is actively engaged with the Motorsport and Enthusiast sectors, paving the way for adoption by the mass passenger vehicle market as its ultimate goal.


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Tribol braking lightweight composite braking carbon fibre brakes shims back plates
Weight Saving

Our composite solutions are over 70% lighter than steel, improving range and performance

Tribol braking corrosion free composite braking carbon fibre brakes shims back plates
Corrosion free

A resurgent concern for the Electric Vehicle market with the changes in duty cycle for conventional brakes

Tribol braking temperature reduction composite braking carbon fibre brakes shims back platesng
Heat transfer

Our plates greatly reduce heat transfer, protecting against brake fluid boil and molten piston seals  

Tribol braking cost reduction composite braking carbon fibre brakes shims back plates
Cost Effective

Carbon is costly, we only use it where it has the biggest performance impact, keeping our prices competitive

Tribol braking noise reduction composite braking carbon fibre brakes shims back plates
Noise reduction

Composites offer another tool to combat noise, vibration and harshness, the premier causes for warranty recall

Tribol braking simple integration composite braking carbon fibre brakes shims back plates
Simple Integration

Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing products and process, no costly redesigns




Tribol braking carbon fibre shims composite baraking
  • Maximum temperature reduced by up to 49°C at the caliper

  • 79% weight saving versus metal alternatives

  • Corrosion free

Tribol braking carbon fibre shims composite braking
Tribol braking Carbon fibre shims composite braking

Tribol Braking's composite shim is already making a splash in the track day market in conjunction with partners Hel Performance, showing a reduction in the maximum temperature seen at the caliper by up to 49°C whilst weighing half as much as the increasingly common titanium alternative.

We've used the finest carbon fibre, combined with an exclusive resin which is non-combustible and thermally resistant to temperatures over 400°C (752°F). This special resin cures an attractive yellow or orange depending on the batch.


These don't just look the part though: initial testing carried out by a professional racing drivers in various road and track conditions showed a huge average temperature drop of 49°C (120.2°F) on the front calipers.

Tribol Braking carbon fibre shims come in at a super-lightweight 3.5 grams per shim, compared to weighty titanium which are a typical 17 grams per shim. That's a dramatic 79% weight saving.

That's not the only comparison which makes titanium inferior though: carbon fibre also has a much lower heat conduction compared to titanium (1W/mK compared to 22W/mK for titanium and 65W/mK for steel). Anything that helps reduce the temperature and increase efficiency of brake components is a good thing, especially as caliper seals are at risk of being damaged when they get too hot.

Installing these carbon fibre brake pad shims will certainly inspire confidence that when you brake aggressively, all the components are being kept cool and working at their best.


Tribol braking Carbon fibre back plate composite back plate composite braking
Tribol braking Carbon fibre back plate composite back plate composite braking
  • <70% Reduced weight versus steel backed pads 

  • Corrosion free

  • Massively reduced heat transfer to the caliper

Tribol Braking's patented high-stiffness composite back plates offer a 70% weight reduction when compared to a mild steel backplate. This results in savings of up to 3kg of unsprung mass for a standard hatchback without the need for any redesign.

The backplates use our own bespoke, thermally resistant matrix with less than 1% of the thermal conductivity of mild steel, protecting the caliper in high usage scenarios.  

Tribol’s backplates are completely corrosion free, solving corrosion-induced delamination in the mass OEM EV market. This unlocks the possibility of brake pads becoming a lifetime item in this sector.

Coupled with a retention technique that rivals industry leading alternatives, Tribol’s backplate is a world first.

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Tribol braking EBC brakes
Tribol braking composite brakes Hel performance
Tribol braking composite brakes University of exeter


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If you would like to be part of Tribol’s exciting journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us...

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